Embrace the future and maximize your online presence.
Courses here are designed for authentic heart-centered coaches, authors, and other helping professionals. Don’t let a fear of AI or technology hold you back from helping others. 

NO FEAR AI - Introductory

Discover the authentic side of AI to learn how it can seamlessly blend into your work life, to provide you with unprecedented convenience and efficiency. This course replaces fear with inspiration. 

NO FEAR AI - For Coaches

Embrace your future as a coach with confidence. Learn  how to harness the power of AI to create authentic and harmonious messaging. If you’re called to help people then learn how to maximize your outreach. 

NO FEAR AI - Course Creation

Digital education is your opportunity to inspire and coach others through teaching. Learn how to harness the power of AI to ensure your content adapts to different learning styles and delivers a successful learning experience.

NO FEAR AI - For Authors

As an author, you no longer have to face writer’s block alone. Learn AI techniques designed to enhance your creativity, refine your storytelling, and streamline your writing process. Embrace a limitless writing future today.

What our students say

Learning AI doesn’t need to be scary, our students say it best…

JoAnne Hilliard

As a life coach, I initially pooh-poohed the subject of AI and now see its relevance due to Susan’s encouragement, guidance, and knowledge of AI. Now I use it to my benefit!

Helen McKillen

I have been blown away by how ChatGPT helps me to cut through self doubt and a lack of confidence when writing promotional material. It's like having a mentor available 24 / 7.

Angela McEvitt

Thanks to Susan's guidance, I am comfortable using AI. Learning to use ChatGPT saves time and increases productivity. I can devote more energy to coaching. Highly recommended!”

Jacquie Forde

Oh my gosh once Suzy teaches you how to use AI for all the boring parts of your business it leaves you time for all the gorgeous human interaction stuff. This course is a game changer!

Ready to embrace the future of AI?

Our courses integrate seamlessly with your daily work life to help you unlock a world of limitless possibilities. Learning here at No Fear AI is designed specifically for authentic heart-centered helping professionals.

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